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Spring Blossom Kitchen Design

Spring Blossom Cres

Modern kitchen designs are functional, family-friendly, and, of course, luxurious. 

The design of a luxury kitchen in the home opens up new possibilities. Over the past two years, the kitchen has become the center of the family. As our lifestyles and habits evolve, so too do our kitchen necessities. 

Spring Blossom Cres  Residence
Spring Blossom Cres Residence
Markham Kitchen Design

Dual kitchen islands allow you to divide prep and dining/work zones, breaking up monotonous layouts and increasing adaptability in large, open rooms. A second sink is provided for cooking convenience.


More family space and kitchen space.

Spring Blossom
Spring Blossom Cres Dining Room

The key to creating a beautiful dining room is injecting a luxury wall panel, a bit of decor, and some brush brass accents on the light and furniture into the space. We love the way our furniture and decor blend seamlessly with the house. 

Foyer Design
closet design衣橱设计

Luxury walk-in closet design gives the space an elegant and modern light wood finish while making the small area warm and cozy. Each space is uniquely designed and crafted to suit your ideal place to select and try on your daily outfit. With plenty of storage, the walk-in closet can keep everything in its place. The bench adds a balance to the space while offering other functions and seating to enrich the experience of getting dressed!

Laundry Design

Ideas for designing a laundry room come in all shapes, sizes and heights. A basic wooden platform  encircles a front-loading washer and dryer, allowing them to fit neatly into an easy-access niche.  

Living Room Design
Mud Room Design

Industry: Residential

Photographer: Brian So

State: Complete

Foyer Flooring Design

Theobalds Cir


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