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Who We Are

Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario we are a distinguished interior design studio celebrated for our innovative designs spanning residential, hospitality, commercial, and retail domains. We pride ourselves on embracing a diverse array of projects. At our core, we're driven by an unyielding passion and expertise, aiming to transform spaces with imaginative solutions that resonate with our clients' visions.

Dexign Matter Studio | Interior Design
Dexign Matter Studio | Interior Design
Dexign Matter Studio | Interior Design
Zoe Lee
Zoe Lee | Dexign Matter Studio | Interior Design

Meet Zoe

Director of Dexign Matter

Zoe Lee is the design powerhouse behind Dexign Matter.
Launching her interior design career in 2003, she's gained invaluable experience working with leading design firms globally. Her portfolio boasts iconic projects in both North America and Asia, from renowned restaurants and vibrant commercial spaces to upscale residences and luxury hotels. Celebrated both locally and internationally, her work is a testament to her prowess.

Central to Zoe's design philosophy is a rich sensory narrative. She blends contemporary with organic, architectural with instinctual, creating spaces that resonate. Zoe is fuelled by a fervent belief: transformative design has the power to shape our world.  


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