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H³ Matrix Restaurant & Bar

Award Winning H3Matrix Dexign Matter Studio interior design

Awash in bespoke details, this expansive 4,500 sq-ft space is brought to life with thoughtful design elements that embrace a futuristic aesthetic. Design Director Zoe Lee says, “I wanted to create a special spatial experience and was connected to many sources of inspiration, from the interiors of spacecrafts to the abstract and often organic beauty of outer space.”

LIV Hospitality Award winning H3Matrix Entrance restaurant interior design

The powerfully bold entrance boasts a graphic feature-ceiling that imitates a meteor shower, along with a floor dotted with small black forms reminiscent of meteor remnants that have fallen to earth. The entry door is framed by two triangles that create a slanted square silhouette that’s an intimation of what’s to come: the dining area’s backlit “Back to the Future” section. These initial elements conspire to attain the smart design continuity that is found throughout this entertaining space.

H3Matrix bar and lounge, pub interior
H3Matrix Bar and Pub, lounge restaurant

The bar is enlivened with glass bricks, metal tiles and laminate, all in shades of silver. This mix of textures feels sophisticated, while achieving a futuristic metallic effect.  

A raised seating area, with lightbox-framed doorways, beckons with a capsule-like appearance. Here, square lightboxes arranged irregularly on the wall have an embedded, three-dimensional appearance that adds an injection of graphic character.

H3Matrix restaurant interior design award winning

Even the washrooms possess an unwavering attention to detail: futuristic lettering adorns the entry door which is surrounded by backlit symbols which lend high-impact style. Inside, blue light strips offer electric illumination and spatial verve.

H3Matrix Bar and Pub interior design by Dexign Matter Studio
H3 Matrix symble wall
H3Matrix Toronto Ontario

The restaurant’s vestibule and waiting area adopt a slightly warmer palette and display intricate lighting – one wall features glass lights in the form of moving tubes at its base. As the tubes roll, the light changes. “This adds dynamism to a space often used for waiting and also creates a sense of ignition, as if being on Mars,” says Lee. The furnishings – a geometric cabinet and irregularly shaped metallic stools and reception counter – further the feel of individual meteorites.

H3Matrix Entrance
H3Matrix bar and pub, restaurant seats

For the property’s private dining room, Lee relied on unexpected materials, such as corrugated metal, which adorns the ceiling and a feature wall. Its galactic presence is amplified by LED panel walls and deep-space blue accents that play up the otherworldly theme nicely.  

Lee’s resolute focus on design continuity and customization nets H3 Matrix, a unique restaurant and bar interior that inspires contemplation and invites enjoyment.

Beautiful H3Matrix lounge, bar, restaurant interior design
H3Matrix VIP Bar and Lounge Restaurant
H3Matrix interior design, unique feature wall
Cuckoo Cakery

Cuckoo Cakery

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