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Hartney Dr

When you look at a person, everyone has a story to tell. Much like life, every design project is unique and no two are the same. The design of this custom home takes inspiration from the life its owner -a pianist.  

The down-to-the-studs renovation took more than half a year to complete, but the result was quite satisfactory to the owner. It represented a piece of work perfectly tailored to suit her lifestyle.  

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Contrasting elements of patterns, colors, textures and matte-shiny finishes can be found in each room which provides a distinctive personality to the entire house.  A simple yet eccentric console table in the foyer sets the mood from the moment you step into the house, akin to an intro in a composition that establishes the groove for the following music.

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The basement was transformed into a cozy piano room that can also be used as a second living room. The pumpkin color velvet armchair, touches of gold create a jewel-box effect in the piano area.

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Pale oak wood tones, light grey woodwork and accent brass is a recurring theme throughout.  Juxtaposed with intense contrasting materials such as wallcoverings, highly saturated blue cabinetry, and lush velvety textures; these finishes provide the cohesive piece and supplements the design features. 


"I feel grateful every day that Zoe designed a dream home for us. The owner told her friends while visiting their house”

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Saturated blue on the cabinetry and light finishes elsewhere creates contrasting elements without stealing the spotlight." I love that blue on the cabinets. It's a little bit mysterious" the homeowner says.'

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Strong design elements like feature wall paper give your eye something to focus on. We were not trying to match patterns and colours, we were building a new personality to this house.

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Industry: Residential

Photographer: Brian So

State: Complete

499 Melrose Ave Master Bathroom36521-Edit.jpg

Melrose Residence

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