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When you look at a person, everyone has a story to tell. Much like life, every design project is unique and no two are the same. The design of this custom home takes inspiration from the life its owner -a pianist.  

The down-to-the-studs renovation took more than half a year to complete, but the result was quite satisfactory to the owner. It represented a piece of work perfectly tailored to suit her lifestyle.  

foyer design wood wall
piano nook

Contrasting elements of patterns, colors, textures and matte-shiny finishes can be found in each room which provides a distinctive personality to the entire house.  A simple yet eccentric console table in the foyer sets the mood from the moment you step into the house, akin to an intro in a composition that establishes the groove for the following music.

piano room

The basement was transformed into a cozy piano room that can also be used as a second living room. The pumpkin color velvet armchair, touches of gold create a jewel-box effect in the piano area.

wallpaper lover
fireplace family room

Pale oak wood tones, light grey woodwork and accent brass is a recurring theme throughout.  Juxtaposed with intense contrasting materials such as wallcoverings, highly saturated blue cabinetry, and lush velvety textures; these finishes provide the cohesive piece and supplements the design features. 


"I feel grateful every day that Zoe designed a dream home for us. The owner told her friends while visiting their house”

Blue pantry

Saturated blue on the cabinetry and light finishes elsewhere creates contrasting elements without stealing the spotlight." I love that blue on the cabinets. It's a little bit mysterious" the homeowner says.'

study room light color
foyer shoes area

Strong design elements like feature wall paper give your eye something to focus on. We were not trying to match patterns and colours, we were building a new personality to this house.

Richmond Hill Interior Designer
Wallpaper bathroom Brass Hardware

Industry: Residential

Photographer: Brian So

State: Complete

Melrose Ave

Melrose Residence

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