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Holo Tea
and Cafe


“An interplay of interlocking discs” this idea shaped the design of project Holo. It features round discs 5 to 10 feet in diameter, finished in champagne metal alongside wood and transparent acrylic of similar hue.

Holo Tea _ Cafe47118-Edit Zoe.jpg
Holo Tea _ Cafe47157-Edit.jpg

Huge round disc about 6 feet in diameter randomly placed across the ceiling forms a distinct dynamic ceiling installation. The discs are connected to each other whilst arranged both horizontally, vertically and placed at various heights. Consisting of solid wood, champagne metal and transparent acrylic finish, the juxtaposition and layering enhances each connecting element.  This composition adds volume and an interesting three-dimensional effect to the interior space resulting in transformed impactful and modernist built environment.

Holo Tea _ Cafe47222-Edit.jpg
Holo Tea _ Cafe47195-Edit.jpg
Holo Tea _ Cafe47255-Edit.jpg

The circular geometry of the built-in condiment station and groupings of half circles for the back and full circle cushions of the custom banquette seating are meant to mimic shadows casted by the round discs from the ceiling above.  Furthermore, the same floating champagne gold disc that can be seen behind the condiment counter and curved corner of the concrete flooring in the counter area is envisioned to invoke a sense of connection to the ceiling feature.

Holo Tea _ Cafe47136-Edit.jpg
Holo Tea _ Cafe47206-Edit.jpg
E-118-19 Stollery Pond Crest-餐厅.jpg

Angus Glen Markham Residential

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