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Noodle Legend

Noodle Legend restaurant, Asian cuisine

Dexign matter focused on a modernized yet “antiquated” Chinese themed approach for Noodle Legend.  This casual dining establishment specializes in handmade Chinese noodles originating from the distinctive cuisine of the three kingdoms period in Ancient China.

By blending a simple minimalist design with the elegance and pure poetry of traditional Chinese elements, Dexign matter has created an interior space that offers a throwback dining experience in a modern setting.

Noodle Legend yummy noodles, asian cuisine
Noodle Legend restaurant

Upon entering, customers are greeted by this feature wall that showcases unique Chinese seals featuring the title "板面大王" in various ancient calligraphy styles.


A stack of red plaques each with engrained words is a creative way of showcasing the restaurants menu.  A strong bold "卤" Chinese character can also be seen at the cashier’s counter. With each delicate detail reflecting the designer’s interpretation and captures the very essence of what a contemporary Chinese eatery should look and feel.  

Noodle Legend restaurant entrance and interior
herringbone wood wall

Hartney Dr


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