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Theobalds Cir House

Living Room with shefl

The shelves on both sides elegantly frame the division between the family and living room, creating a seamless transition between the two spaces. The open design provides an abundance of natural light, illuminating the area and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Kitchen island blue stool
Kitchen shaker door
brass trim marble floor

This design embodies North American sophistication with an emphasis on meticulous detailing. The interior's laconic yet decorative style is exemplified by the oak herringbone floors and furniture, complemented by grey-veined white marble, shining brass trim, and shimmering light fixtures. To create depth within the decor, natural-toned soft furnishings and sumptuous muted blue accent pieces were used in contrast to the simple light walls and cabinetry. The thoughtful combination of these elements makes this home a restful place for contemplation and cozy relaxation.

kitchen design light color
master bathroom brass faucet
blue wall tile

An opulent trend is emerging in en-suite design, with a focus on luxurious finishes. The addition of tasteful touches of gold creates a striking jewel-box effect, while 3D blue tiles give the impression of a plush velvet cloth. Together, these elements elevate the space to a new level of refinement and elegance.

living room fire place
hallway chandelier
master bedroom
reading nook bench
Kitchen blue bar stool

A refined shade of blue that resembles warm denim can add a sophisticated touch to any design. While blue is traditionally associated with cool tones, incorporating beige undertones can infuse the space with a warm and inviting ambiance

Chandelier staircase
house furniture and decor

Industry: Residential

Photographer: Brian So

State: Complete

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