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H³ Matrix Restaurant & Bar

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H3 Matrix was created around a sleek cutting-edge aesthetic suggestive of a futuristic space. Each zone or area have a concept behind it and features its own unique design elements aimed at introducing a special spatial experience for the customers.    

The interiors of the waiting area evoke a feeling of being in outer space. Slender rectangular fins or “cuboid” each pointing at different directions projects from the ceiling extensively, mimicking the motion of a meteor shower streaking thru the outer space.  The “cuboids” created from pre-fabricated aluminum metal panels, every piece custom made and fine-tuned both digitally on the computer and on site to make sure every piece is displayed at the right angle for the best overall effect. In keeping with this theme, irregular custom seating and patches of black squares on the flooring acts as a representation of residual fragments scattered from the meteor shower in the universe.       

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A conspicuous and overarching theme at the dining area is the stark contrast between the dark tones of the open ceiling to floor finishes and the bright metallic finishes to back-lit panels that is evident throughout the space. This is a conscious decision, amplifying the intent of giving end users the feeling of being inside a spaceship. Shades of blue accents from backlit light cubes and strip lighting provides for the lively and cheerful element to this space.

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The space effortlessly transitions into the lounge area where similar design features of backlit panels can be seen albeit on the walls instead of the ceiling. Three dimensional cubes in different shades of blue and white is randomly placed and mounted on the back walls of the banquette seats, the entire wall is backlit allowing diffuse lighting to filter thru the 3d cubes and providing ambient light to this space.


The VIP room has a large circular custom door handle reminiscent of entry doors to a spaceship. The interior is wrapped with corrugated metal panels along the walls and ceiling with light strips that further enhances the futuristic theme of the design.  

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Cuckoo Cakery

Cuckoo Cakery

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