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Let our story begins


The Cube

       Nail Lab

A playful nail spa located at Bay and College St Toronto. The logo and setting take its cue from the branding concept of a Rubik’s cube.

Yuan Chinese Cuisine

Yuan Chinese cuisine - nestled on the busy area of Yonge and Finch at North York, Canada – has undergone a redesign following a bold makeover courtesy of Design Matter Studio.  A modern Chinese-style dining space inspired by the beauty of natural materials, textures and the humanistic feel of Chinese ink and wash painting.  The design aims to blend the rich characteristics of all these elements into the interior space.


Charmed Aroma's design vision is to create a feministic, chic and experiential retail space for your everyday shopper.


Square One Shopping Centre

Hartney House

When you look at a person, everyone has a story to tell. Much like life, every design project is unique and no two are the same. The design of this custom home takes inspiration from the life its owner -a pianist.  

82 Hartney Cres38952-Edit.jpg
499 Melrose Ave Master Bathroom36532-Edit final.jpg


“Less is more” when we first saw the space, the immediate thought was to create a modern minimalistic space – said Zoe