MUJOSH's store brings a culture of vintage and trendy design all together. It conveys a fashionable, friendly and free image to welcome customers as they walk into the store. Breaking away from conventions and traditional eyeglasses display designs, the store is conceived to be bright and welcoming to appeal to a younger and more diverse crowd. 

Utilizing the brands signature pattern coupled with LED cove lighting creates the impactful double height storefront. Throughout the retail area the lighting is expressly refined with low contrast resulting in a space that is bright and well illuminated with ambient and flattering light levels


The space inherits the brand’s typical color palette. Wood sets the overall tone juxtaposed with the brands heritage green and gold color.  Copper accent frames the display fixture, ceiling design and then blend into decorative details. The stylish terrazzo floor adds a luxurious aura while achieving a calming and relaxing mood.  Incorporating metal and leather signage enhances the vintage aspect of the design. 

With the use of such materials, customers are immediately greeted by the brand’s craft heritage. The designer has elevated the typically mundane process of shopping for the right frames into a journey of discovery.


Client: Mujosh 

Industry: Retail, Optical Store, Eyewear

Photographer:  Scott Norsworthy


AiShang Salon


Phone: 416 455 5922

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Toronto, Canada