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Cuckoo Cakery

E-118-Cuckoo Cakery 02.jpg

Dexign Matter set out to create a minimalistic design approach and bring focus to the merchandise itself with the design of Cuckoo Cakery.

The interior space can be described as uncluttered, this is evident in the store’s layout. A clear and generous “lobby” like area allows customers to easily reach the extended display-checkout counter. This self-serve concept was key in maintaining the less is more approach where the artistic pastries become the heart.


E-118-Cuckoo Cakery 03.jpg

A rich veined white marble stone dresses up the wall serving as a backdrop for the cake display counter. Sprinklered with warm brass metallic finishes throughout from the store’s branding and accent walls, the overall palette exudes elegance and a sophistication symbolic of the brands merchandises. 

E-118-Cuckoo Cakery 01.jpg

The open ceiling is enhanced by soft metallic twisting fabrics that is not only impressive to look at, but also helps to lower the scale of the double volume interior space. This feature is accompanied with accent lights providing ambient lighting to the space making it more welcoming.  

E-118-Cuckoo Cakery 02.jpg
AiShang Salon

Ai Shang Salon

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